Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tracy Tappan : The bloodline war (The community series #1)

THE BLOODLINE WAR is a dark paranormal romance, containing profanity and some adult situations.

A car accident changes everything for Dr. Toni Parthen. Her computer hacked hospital blood test confirms she's the carrier of a gene that's the key to salvation for a unique race of human beings. Abducted from her hospital room to a secret, underground community, Toni is asked to do the unthinkable: procreate with a man from a race called Varcolac - a species that must consume the blood of other humans to survive. 
Then bizarre turns dangerous, because a new, mysterious enemy also wants her special DNA, and Toni finds herself in the middle of an all-out war to possess her. It's the job of Jacken Brun, leader of the Warrior Class, to keep the captured women safe from a demonic race of humans who rule a neighboring part of their underground world. His challenges multiply when Toni inflames the women into mutiny, and then there's his biggest problem... his growing desire for the infuriating woman herself. 
Afflicted with a dark genetic makeup, Jacken can never be with a woman. Until Toni uses her scientific ingenuity to find a way for her and Jacken to be together. But then the new enemy faction unearths Toni and drags her to their hidden lair, where they'll inflict an unspeakable cruelty on her to gain access to her valuable genes. It will take every warrior skill Jacken owns to save the woman he loves, but only if he can find her in time...

For a novel I'd never heard about, it was very good and entertaining and I wanted to start my "post vacation" reviews with an enthusiastic one. The heroin is strong and witty. The hero is dark and brooding, but better than most alphas I read recently. Even if "his jaw [was] so hard she'd bet she could take a crowbar to it and never crack a smile out of him." The world building is original when you think this is an umpteenth story about vampires.
"Dragon" women (not shifters, but a special bloodline of women) are kidnapped by a race of underground vampires to prevent their race from extinction, but also to protect them from the big bad Om Rau, who are after them too. The vampires are rather reluctant about the kidnapping method but they obey their leader without blinking. Said leader has been leading them for a long time, is rather tired of taking all responsibilities and sees no other efficient method.

The alphas, warriors of their race, are big bulky guys yet also genuinely nice guys. Dev is one piece of hot fun ! The women they kidnap regularly fall into their arms willingly and remain with them underground. But Toni, the heroin, is absolutely ready to raise a rebellion among the Dragons ! 
Toni is willing to take her life into her hands. The Varcolac have strange attitudes due to what they are and they're real fun to read about. The interaction between all these people is very good and somehow, you're reading the story like it's a "normal" small-town community inhabited by weirdos, nice weirdos you'd like to meet.
They have strange mating habits that lead to problems : "The smell of an unmated Dragon woman running amok was equal to one long communal, never-ending ball massage minus the happy ending, of course. Insanity."
And much to my delight, this series is a little on the feminist side - and when there's drama ? There's communication ! Yes, you read me, no miscommunication here ! And when women want their man, they go for him, yay ! I was chuckling reading it.
Toni and Jacken take a lot of time to get to bed, but the tension is palpable and once they start, they can't take their hands off each other.
"I need to come inside you to complete the bond between us, Toni, not all over this damned room."
"All over the room ?" She pushed up onto her elbows kifting her eyebrows high. "Wow. Is there something about the Varcolac males trajectory abilities I should know before we... ?"

Really, it's fun, fast-paced and good natured. I got this book for free and completely jumped on the next as soon as it was released ! Its review will be published tomorrow.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Lusting for covers #43 and Top off tuesdays #3 !


Lusting For Covers is a weekly meme hosted on sundays by TBQ's Book Palace
Top Off Tuesday is hosted on tuesdays by FeliciaChristi and Amanda.
So, I'm late for one and early for the other ;)

The main objective of both ? 
There are so many gorgeous book covers, let's show them !

"Book 2 in the No Rival series 

What happens in the fight club stays in the fight club.
Brothers, Rhys and Knox, have been in love with the same woman for years. While Rhys has been open about his feelings toward Mandy, he’s kept her firmly locked in the friend zone. That is, until a night filled with too much alcohol explodes into passion.
Unfortunately, while Rhys doesn’t remember a minute of it, Mandy remembers every detail all too well. As secrets and betrayals begin to unravel their friendship, Knox seizes his chance to — finally — claim Mandy as his own.
With two sexy fighters squaring off to win her heart, Mandy must decide which to choose — the charming reprobate who’s been the center of her desire, yet always wrecks her life, or the merciless bad boy who wants to give her the world.
Inside Scoop: This sexy tale includes male/male encounters that may have you wishing for two sexy fighters of your own."

I've just added Book 1 to my to-read-list, not only are the covers hot, but I've seen good reviews and excerpts of banter that makes me want to read them. This cover attracted me because the model has muscles, a tattoo but also an attitude that made me smile. It's a winner !

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Social Bloggers Giveaway Hop !

Welcome to the Social Bloggers Giveaway Hop !
Come meet and greet your favorite bloggers and find a few new ones to love too ! Enter the Grand Prize Giveaway then hop around 
and visit all of the Social Bloggers and learn some fun facts about them ! 

5 facts about Red Iza (me) !

- I have red hair, hence the name. No bloodthirsty tastes for me, no, I haven't slaughtered anyone (yet). Some people dared nickname me Carrot but it proved dangerous for their health (evil laugh ^^)

- I loooove "!!!!!", "?!", "()", "-", "^^" so I really have to restrain myself not to plant several in every sentence I write. It's very, very, very *hard*.

- I'm a list lover, every project and organization deserves its list. Then I rewrite the list in colors, arrange it differently, remove every item that's been done... and rewrite the lists because I like them clean. My to-be-read list has its own Excel sheet with different tabS (plural) and colors.

- I love a strong heroin in a novel and a dirty talking hero. The two in the same book ? I'm in book heaven !

- I dearly want to read "The Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy's Secret Werewolf Babies" because with such a title, it's either very funny, or so lame it has to be funny !

5 facts about the blog

- Its 1st year blogoversary was only a few months ago.

- It was supposed to be my dirty secret blog so I designed it first like a dark red alcove with velvet and roses, but I began to feel claustrophobic and finally let the sun shine in !

- I'm very tempted to revamp it, even rename it, but I don't want it to become like every white blog I see so often. I'm not a professional blogger, I want to remain that way and keep the fun, not turn it into a chore. Life is already full of chores !

- I started it after reading the traditional 50 shades trilogy and buying an e-reader, but I can't stand billionaires any more, am not tempted to try menages with 5 brothers and 1 woman (those girls have got some stamina !) - vampires, SF, fantasy and paranormal will be more in the line of my reviews, erotic or not.

- I recently eliminated some images on the sidebar of the blog so that it can be watched when you're at work, no more hottie of the week on display for example - I kept the currently reading covers, though.

I haven't forgotten anything ? 
So now, for something completely different, we've got the Giveaway going on,

a 85$ Amazon gift card and books !
There will be individual giveaways at some of the blogs,

so don't forget to stop by and say hi !
Good luck and have fun :)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

This blog is on vacation ! On holidays ! En vacances !

I'm officially en vacances !
So, no internet until I'm back on July 28th.

* Have a fun month of july *

Sunday post #20 : What's up, doc ? Vacation ! Holidays ! Vacances !

I'm participating in the Sunday Post hosted by Kimba the caffeinated book reviewer.
What happened this week, what did we read, buy, do ? 
It’s a chance to share news - A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. 

Looks like I read a lot but I cheated, some books were actually pretty short and one was DNF ! I calmed down on the 1-click button too.
What else ?
Since I couldn't surf the net as much as I'd like to this week, I stuck to Goodreads and started thinning my to-read list. I started that list a little more than a year ago, I used to jump on everything, now I select. At the beginning of the week, it amounted to 1384 books, now I've cut it back to 1 038 and I've not finished. I removed mostly drama-llama, miscommunication issues and TSTL heroins.

And I'm on vacation ! Of course, as usual, since I'll be on vacation all of the month of july, the warm and sunny weather has turned to grey and rainy weather... 
Tomorrow, I'll go fetch my mother, bring her back to stay with us for a week, then I'll take her and my daughters and go to my sister's house for a week (she's just bought it and there's a lot of work to do inside), then we'll all go back for 2 weeks at my mom's house. Busy holidays ahead.

In other terms, that means that I won't be on the computer for the next 4 weeks. 
When I come back, I won't try to catch up on everything I missed and simply roll with the flow. But I'll come back in time to participate to a giveaway blog hop with the Social bloggers, so if you're there the last week of july, there will be things to win !

On the blogosphere this week :

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Afton Locke : Rock my boat
(story #1 of the Tall, dark and alpha boxed set)

I am currently reading :

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My boyfriend thinks he's found out
why Triskell is such a sofa sprawler :

Enjoy your month of july ! 
I know they will - as usual :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jen McLaughlin (aka Diane Alberts) : Falling for the groomsman (Wedding dare #1)

Photojournalist Christine Forsythe is ready to tackle her naughty little to-do list, and who better to tap for the job than a hot groomsman ? But when she crashes into her best friend’s older brother, Christine realizes her list needs updating. And fast. Tyler Dresco took her virginity during the best night of her life, then bolted. Now that they’re trapped together at a destination wedding, she’s going to get her revenge.
Tyler has never forgiven himself for how completely he lost control all those years ago. Being in Christine’s arms had felt right… until he realized what he’d taken from her in the hallway of a cheap motel. And oh, how she’s making him pay for it now. The insatiable heat between them has only grown stronger, but every time things heat up, Christine walks away.
With every encounter, things go a little bit further until Christine’s caught in her own trap of seduction. And before their time’s up, Tyler’s not the only one wanting more…


Everybody is raving about this book and I... liked it. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. I know I shouldn't read contemporary romance any more, but since I preordered the installment written by Tessa Bailey and everybody recommended reading this series in order, well, I bought that one and read it !

While I liked Tyler, I'm not sure I really liked Christine. At the beginning at least, she was living too much in the past. She gets better near the end. There has been much worse and stupid heroins, but - again !!! - there was a problem of miscommunication. And when the miscommunication happens, then it's the hero who reacts stupidly. I couldn't believe any of this.

The problem with those contemporary romances is that depending on which percentage of the book you have reached, you know how the scene you're reading is going to end ! To be clear, no actual penetration until 50%. A breakup scene about 70 or 80%. They make up by 90% and more. Somebody please write something original !

What I prefered was the scene in the forest, when they talk about their lives. It was very well written, I almost thought I was there with them listening to them talk.
But let's not forget the sex : come on, Tyler is a god in and out of bed (mostly out of bed lol !). Strong and dirty talking hero, that's good.

So now that I've read this one, I can move on and read the book by Tessa Bailey !

Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples : Saga volume #3

From the Hugo Award-winning duo of Brian K. Vaughan (The Private Eye, Y: The Last Man) and Fiona Staples (North 40, Red Sonja), Saga is the sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the universe. Searching for their literary hero, new parents Marko and Alana travel to a cosmic lighthouse on the planet Quietus, while the couple's multiple pursuers finally close in on their targets.


I love that series. I love that series ! I LOVE THAT SERIES !!!!
Not a very articulated review, I agree. 
I have reviewed #1 and #2 here : click ! I was more articulated there, promise.

So, apart from the fun, the emotion, the characters, the universe, the strange cat, the ghosts, the weird planets, what more can I add ? This volume was more of a pause, a reflection on what the characters could do with their life. But there's not real opportunity for planning a life, fate often decides for them.
Enough of that, when is the next volume released ?!!!